Travel With Visionary Africa Safari Company

Across 6 Countries throughout Southern and East Africa

Why choose to travel with Visionary Africa Safari Company

With 18 years of experience in high end lodges, across 6 countries throughout Southern and East Africa, we are in the know.

We believe in a holistic, immersive, low impact safari experience, working with lodges and hotels that eat, sleep, and breathe the same ethos and approach.

Your safari contributes to some of the best conservation and community development projects across Africa, protecting some of the last true wilderness areas and the wildlife that inhabit the areas. You also support the communities that are directly impacted and benefitted by your trip to Africa.

Why We Stand Out

There are no hidden costs involved.

Everything is tailormade and we keep all lines of communication open from start to finish of every safari or vacation. We are on call and available on email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is no age limit on either end of the spectrum. We dream of sharing Africa with guests of all ages, and from all walks of life.

We are proudly born and raised African.

How We Roll

We maintain close relationships with the teams on the ground at all of the lodges and hotels that we team up with, ensuring a sound and adventurous experience.

We can request lodge based guides and hosts well in advance, ensuring all needs and expectations are catered for uniquely and without fail.

Our guests come first!

We listen, we care, and we plan it with flare.